Three-phase Smart Meter

The meter for commercial and industrial customers. Communicaon capabilies over GSM/GPRS, RF, Opcal, RS485, the meters are aimed to be used for AMI/AMR/AMM and smart grids.

Key Feature

  • Import and export active power.
  • Import and export reactive power.
  • Apparent power.
  • Register 13 month of billing data.
  • Maximum demand.
  • Up to 4tariffs, 100special days, 12season tables, 8week types, 8day tables and 12entries in a day table.

Technical Specification

Voltage Rangs Reference Voltage
Operang Voltage Range
Supply Frequency
Current Rangs Basic Current (Ib)
Maximum Current (Imax)
Staring Current
Accuracy   Class 1
Power Consumpon Voltage Circuit
Current Circuit
≤2W, 10VA
Insulaon Strength AC Voltage Test
Impulse Voltage Test
4kV during 1min
1.2/50µs mains connecons 6kV
Communicaon Interface   GSM/GPRS/RF/Opcal port/RS485
Temperature Operaon Range
Limit Range
Protection   Power overload Line/Load reversal
Current overload Over/Under voltage
RTC Accuracy   ≤0.5s/d
IP Rang   IP54
Net Weight   1.65kg
Service Life   15 years


Connection Diagram without disconnector